I capture emotions, I tell stories

…born in Montecatini Terme, I am a Wedding photographer based in Tuscany

Fotografo Matrimonio Montecatini e Fotografo Matrimoni Toscana - Laura Malucchi My passion for photography was born when I was young and my father gave my a Kodak instant camera. I remember the trepidation that the wait gave me in those few minutes with the hope is seeing what I had managed to capture, that moment that took shape and remained and imprinted on a rectangular piece of paper.
There, forever.

My great love for art films took me to my dedication for many years in street photography cinematic style, where the naturalness of the scene allowed me to recount every day emotions. I have been shooting since I was a child, at a higher level from 2009 and from 2012 at a professional level: for my works I have received many awards, the first of which a service on RAINEWS24.
For some years now I have passed over to being foremost a wedding photographer because I am a romantic person and I try to represent love in all of its faces, capturing them in my shots. I must confess that there is no greater occasion to see how many sentiments and how many emotions can manifest in the ‘fateful I do’ day, starting from the bride and grooms experience to their parents family and friends.

While working I love to photograph details that can talk to people through memories, perfumes and sensations, the parents and grandparents of the couple that are watching their children grow and create their own family. Even the preparations I find very important and deserving of dedication, time and attention. The entire day is electrifying , so much so it gives me emotion that I am then able to transmit through the lens photo after photo, the seal of a love story between the bride and groom.

My professional career as a Tuscan wedding photographer is based in Pistoia, a city from which I can easily reach the couple in any location, and within my works you can find photographs taken in cities such as, Florence, Montecatini, Prato, Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia, Siena and in many other locations in Italy in which I have had the pleasure to shoot and tell the story of two people that wed.
As I photographer I like very much to carry out ‘newborn’ sessions, to photograph newborn babies in their first few days of life, but also children, mothers in waiting and families. I choose contexts in which the protagonists are at ease, for example their home environment or a park close by.