Unforgettable emotions
Told through your wedding album

Your wedding album of artisan quality

If only a few months or years since that fateful ‘I do’, your wedding album is able to conserve those magical moments and awaken those unforgettable emotions felt on your special day. A photo book of this kind transmits the same emotions felt that day through the strength of the images. Images that save in eternity unrepeatable moments of life. A wedding album knows how to speak to the heart sweetly, with images of the bride and groom losing themselves in each other’s eyes.

Wedding album 5punto6:
A coffer full of emotions…

The wedding albums proposed by 5punto6 are designed and projected to be seen, lived, consulted, so much so that they become real and true décor items. They are inspired by classic wedding albums, like they were once upon a time, with printed photographs one by one, with individual passpartout and collected in an artisan made keepsake made by hand in Italy. Materials vary from Steel plates and plexiglass, wood, leather, wool and other precious fabrics, there becoming prestigious holders for your photographs.

Artisan wedding album by Giclèe::
Photographs that become works of art

Albums from Giclèe are photo books printed using ‘fine art’ technology on 100% cotton paper, guaranteed 100 years with a printed quality superior to the traditional lithography, silver halide or to the classic printing method. Giclèe printing, carried out in an artisans laboratory in Italy, uses 9 different colours so to render the photographs from your wedding a work of art to keep safe, knowing that in time it’s characteristics will remain unaltered and acquire more value. like the works of a great artist, the colours of your photos will be so much brighter and intense and together with a blend of high definition they will have a continuous tone, the small details will be even more beautiful with vibrant alive tones.
The Giclèe technique of printing is the right balance between technology and art, that will render your wedding photographs a continuous emotion, like only works of art can inspire.

Artisan wedding album:
Photographs without time

An artisan wedding album is produced to guarantee that your photographs are of the highest quality with techniques that guarantee 100 years of life for your photos. The printing of your photographs is carried out by myself personally with a ‘fine art’ printer with 10 ink cartridges found in my studio, able to reproduce the entire gamma tone conserving the details in the shadows and highlights, printed on cotton Hanemhuele or Canson paper of the highest quality that guarantees an optimal conservation without alterations in time. Once printed, the photos are then installed in their own passpartout by an Italian artisan, who works nearby my studio, and following such, collected in a wooden coffer, if you chose 5punto6, or in linen or silk given to me by an artisan from Bergamo, Odry.

Wedding album:
A prestigious package that encloses your story

Every time that you open the pages of your wedding album the memories of your big day will re-flower and take you back to the emotions lived that day, every time awakening new sentiments. It’s the story of who you are, and of who you are as a couple, the people dearest to you, reunited in the name of your big love.
For this reason, the coffer that contains such emotions will be cured to the smallest detail, of the highest artisan quality and of elegant made in Italy design. The packaging consists of a prestige wooden box, on the inside two DVDs with slides of around 120-130 photographs and a USB key, also in wood, where you will find the photographs shot and selected that make up the photography service._dsc1282contrast_1_1

Whatever your choice, your wedding album will be a unique object, elegant, beautiful and prestigious, able to enclose a treasure: the story and memories of your wedding…

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