Your questions, my answers

Frequent questions regarding my reportage wedding service in Tuscany and all other photography services in general.

When you are looking for a reportage photographer for your wedding, or a newborn session, or any other type of photographic service, the questions and doubts that will arise can be many. On this page you can consult the answers given to the most frequently asked questions.

I would however like to remind you that you can contact me for any questions and information at my e mail address lauramalucchi@gmail.com, call my on +39 3485958998 or send me a message using the provided form on page ‘wedding photographer Florence’.

I am based in Pistoia, in Tuscany, but I love moving around all of Italy, and if needed also abroad: I love to travel and discover new people and cultures.

My aim is to recount your wedding day through emotions, fixing them in my camera, in a natural and spontaneous way, with discretion leaving you to enjoy the celebrations and respecting your requirements whatever they may be. You could describe my approach as wedding ‘reportage’, with attention to all the romantic shades, and to the many small details that have place that day.

I will personally take your photographs, accompanied by a second photographer, in a way to be able to document each moment in the best way possible.

I dedicate my entire day to the couple, beginning with the preparations of both the bride and groom.

Of course, I almost always take the moment after the ceremony to take portraits of the newlyweds: finally relaxed they can enjoy this intimate moment. You can decide, in full Liberty how much time you wish to dedicate to these photos, that can be taken in a specific location chosen by yourselves or decided together or even the location of the reception. I always advise a couple to take time for these photos as they enrich the walls or albums of memories. Sometimes the newlyweds, in the hurry to join their guests, are not always open to this. In my opinion it is a real shame because this brief session will not take away too much time, but around 30 minutes.

Of course it is possible, I advise you chose a family member or close friend to organize the groups so optimize the time.

I cannot give a precise number, it all depends on how the wedding day proceeds but all of the key parts will be captured.

I normally deliver between 400-500 up to 800-900 based on the package chosen by the bride and groom.

The selected photographs, which will all be in high resolution, will be delivered in a wood box with inside a USB also in wood, 2 DVD with an imprinted photo of the couple, and a slide with around 120-130 photos accompanied by music. I decided on this method of delivery because you can have straight away something tangible to immediately relive the magic of that day and share with your loved ones.

I will personally do the choosing, in a way to creatively recount the story of your wedding.

I leave it down to you the couple to chose around 30 photos to insert in the album. I will then create a story based on those chosen. We will then look over together the paging where you can make any changes if you feel necessary.

I do not provide a video service, however I can suggest professionals in the sector with whom I work with for some time and with who I have understanding, a very important factor for everyone to wok at their best. However you are free to chose who you wish.

Generally if the wedding is at the start of the season, I am able to deliver within 60 days, otherwise delivery of the photos can be delayed but up to no more than 90-120 days.

The post production that I will carry out personally on all photographs that will be delivered are, optimized light, contrast, color and black and white conversion all within my vision of your story. I do not carry out retouching but when necessary I try to take out small imperfections for example spots or scars.

As I am shooting I always create a back up on the inside of the camera. Using professional equipment I have 2 memory card slots. As soon as I am back in the studio I save the photos on 3 different devices. Once the photos have been delivered I advise to all my couples to create their own back up. In any case I will keep a copy of your photos for at least 6 months after delivery.

I generally advise to inform and chose around 6-8 months before, especially if the date of your wedding is on a weekend in the months from June to October. In the chance that you decide later than this I invite you to contact me all the same in any moment.

Yes, I am part of ANFM (Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti), of WPJA (Wedding
Photojournalist Association) and of Fearless Photographers, between some of the most important organizations internationally of which some of the most acclaimed wedding photographers are part of.

The rights remain with the photographer, however the client is free to use them in any private situation. I always ask my couples to sign a leeway form for me to have free use of the photos for my website and social network, Association contests etc. it is important for me to show my work and to share my works on the web.

Yes, the file that I will deliver will all be in high resolution in a way that the couple can do what they wish with them, including printing.

In the case that your event takes place further than 50km from my studio, I will add transfer costs and when needed sleeping arrangements for 2 people.

My only request is that we are able to eat and drink something in the evening, when possible I ask a small place wherever the lunch or dinner takes place, for me and my second photographer in a way for us to be continuously present during the festivities so we can capture moments like the newlywed toasts.

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