Two people, one heart.

Photography shoots for couples Florence, Tuscany.

A couples photo shoot celebrates special moments between two people, moments dense with emotion in which you can play and dedicate time together as life partners, engaged or a consolidated couple. A service dedicated to those in love that wish to save in time, through photographs, their closeness, their love, their story, sir romance and emotions.
I do not believe there is an age limit when in love and I consider this sentiment beautiful in all its forms: to be able to photograph two people who love each other and want to save those sentiments forever, allows me to fix in time moments of their story through romantic, fun, spontaneous and natural photographs.

As you can see in this section, a couples photo session can be provided completely independent from a wedding, becoming in itself a great occasion to posses professional shots together. If preferred however it can be transformed into a true engagement photo session, to be taken before the wedding to break the ice before the big day. Whatever your motive or preference a couples session will be a true story of a real moment in life, highly personalized and sewn to size, which will tell who you are as partners and will be a never fading memory in your lives.